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"Wellness meditation for a more centered balanced life. Helps reduce stress, anxiety, depression and physical pain."

Divine Grace in motion?

Hannah has met death in the face 7 times. Her last death option experience was after the birth of her second son 14 years ago. Hannah had a home birth, hemorrhaged, lost her vision for several minutes during which time she met 4 angelic beings. She was shown a movie of her funeral and her sons growing up. Hannah has no fear of death so was happy to die. She decided to stay for one reason only and that was not to deprive her sons of a mothers love.

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Energy practitioner?

Hannah is a high initiate trained within the mystery school tradition and as such she is a true spiritual guide for mankind. She is an energy healing practitioner and has many holistic healing certifications. Hannah has the ability to stand in front of a person or a group of people and read their energy and instantly knows what words of empowerment and what healing energy needs to be channeled in that moment.

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What Does Lumalove mean?

Hannah is both a traditional and a spiritual midwife. She invested over $14,000 at this point to brand and register the name Lumalove. Hidden within Lumalove® is the word "Uma", the goddess of fertility which births all life. Luma represents the illumination of the spirit of the human that we birthed when we came to this planet. Love is the essence of what the Divine Feminine is that has the power to heal and balance.

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You Are A Human Energy Machine Your Chakra Energy Matters!

Hannah used to deliver babies now she is delivering Divine Grace to help heal and balance the human race!